You’ll Regret it later if you don’t get Kawaii Clothes Anime Now

You'll Regret it later if you don't get Kawaii Clothes Anime Now

Masato and Kengo want to spark this love affair. Rin Natsume, however, leaves in disinterest. With the upcoming Autumn Festival serving as an evaluation of the departments ahead of the winter ball, Mishiro divulges her own Project Krone; Mishio invites Rin to join a brand new unit known as Triad Primus together with Nao and Karen while suggesting Anastasia make her debut as a soloist. Tagiru, Yu, and Ryouma team up to save Taiki and Akari and take on SuperStarmon. SuperStarmon decides to take Taiki and add her to his collection of celebrity dolls imprisoned. Shoutmon X4 defeats SuperStarmon, and the latter is captured by Yu. Yu and Tsuwamon save Taiki & Akari. The latter suggests Taiki & Yu DoubleXros Shoutmons, Ballistamons and Starmons, and Dorulumons to Yu.

He takes Taiki, Akari, and other guests to a luxurious hotel where they are trapped in DigiQuartz. Tagiru, Taiki, and Yu are taken by a Trailmon to an unknown location in DigiQuartz upon the request of a particular person who wants to meet them. After the fight, Ryouma tells the Clock Owner about what occurred in DigiQuartz. Tagiru is the most eager to aid Nene; however, he can cause more trouble by injuring and attacking an actor who mistakenly believes him as the masked kawaii clothes stalker. He is then forced to fill in. They return to work together and take on Ganemon. Hideaki realizes that he cannot pursue Digimon for profit and will instead do it more appropriately. However, while in Digi-Quartz, they come across Ganemon, searching for the Zenimon he claimed to be lost.

In the meantime, Anastasia and Minami name their unit Love Laika, while Uzuki’s group chooses to stick with the unit name the Producer chose, New Generations. According to their official character profiles, her birthday falls on the 7th of August, and her full name is Hana-chan. We are soon learning that a new hunter called Hideaki, along with his companion Dobermon utilizes Digimon hunting to make money; Tagiru and Gumdramon hunt Zenimon in the Shinonome Higashi Shopping District. Tagiru and Gumdramon become close friends. Tagiru and Hideaki agree to assist them in capturing all the Zenimon. Obata asks Tsubomi to help him market new flowers. Tsubomi’s father is not willing to let Obata convince Tsubomi. Nene’s suspicions get confirmed when they discover a Harpymon near him. However, the enemy is too agile and disappears.